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  File Format
The Heidelberg Rip uses a postscript level 2 (ver. 5.1 or lower) or Level 3 (ver. 5.3 higher) and accepts both composite and pre-separated files. We prefer high resolution PDF files with embedded fonts with no compression. Other desktop applications are accepted.

Stock Size
The Quickmaster DI can accommodate stock sizes between 3.5" X 5.5" and 13.375" X 18.125" with a thickness ranging from 2.4 to 11.6 thousandths of an inch.
The maximum image area that can be printed on the Quickmaster DI is 13" X 17.75". This will accommodate an 11" X 17" spread with full bleed, trim marks and color bar.

Resolution and Screen Frequency
The Quickmaster Di images at two resolutions, 1270 and 2540. The lower resolution is used for screen frequencies up to 150 lpi, and the high resolution , for screens up to 175 lpi.

Image Resolution
Scanned images should be 300 dpi at finished size in CYMK mode; linework should be 1200 dpi at finished size.

Image Format
Images imported into your document can be TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PDF* PhotoCD or most other standard DTP formats. * for RIP software version 4.5r1 or higher.

  Flat Tints
Large dark tints are difficult to reproduce. Lighter colors will produce better results. Dot percentages less than 5% should not be used.

Vignettes / Graduated Screens
In general, shorter blends with large changes in tint value will appear smoother. A tint value change of greater than 50% is recommended for single color blends longer than 4 inches.

Spot Colors
The Quickmaster DI is a 4 color press. If process color inks are used, all spot colors must be converted to CMYK. Note, some spot colors when converted will shift in color, sometimes this shift can be dramatic.

Most jobs can be printed without any trapping due to the Quickmaster DI's exceptional registration. More critical jobs should allow for a 0.25 pt. trap.

Don't forget to make appropriate arrangements for fonts when sending files.

Eastern Color Imaging - Long Isl
Eastern Color Imaging - Long Island, New York. Bohemia, Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Islip, Plainview, Bay Shore and surrounding areas.
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